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Guided Personalized Meditations with Kala


Kala’s Guided Meditations

For many people, guided meditations are a wonderful way to meditate. You can listen to the meditation on a CD or on your iPod playing it in your home or with headphones anywhere you are. Simply choose the meditation that appeals to you and enter into the journey that the guided meditation provides with a guide and relaxing music. Guided meditations allow your mind to focus on particular images, allowing for creative visualization.

As an intuitive oracle and teacher of the ancient wisdom teachings, Kala has created a trilogy of sacred site guided meditations intended to guide the listener on a journey through nature, along with providing the opportunity to interact with guides and receive messages from the higher self. She also creates private, customized meditations, which are written and recorded just for your personal journey!

KalaAmbrose-227x300Are You Ready to Meet Your Guides and Go on a Soul Exploration?

Kala offers the opportunity to have a
Personalized Guided Meditation

intuitively created just for YOU!

Kala reviews your aura and akashic records and writes, designs and records a personalized 30 minute meditation to work specifically with your aura and energy bodies. She takes you on a custom action adventure as she guides you through your journey!

Scroll down below for the exciting details or choose from one of her pre-recorded meditations including Spirit of Hawaii, Egyptian Mystery Temple and Tibetan Mountain Journey

Kala Ambrose, Mystery School Teacher, Author of The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body and 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled and Host of The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show lends her powerful voice and energy in this series of Guided Meditation’s designed to illuminate the soul, awaken the mind and guide the listener within on a wondrous journey.

Carefully crafted, Kala’s uplifting and empowering meditations allow beginners to revel in the joy of meditation with a guide, while more experienced meditation practitioners will enjoy peeling back the many layers of this work which allows for new experiences each time the meditation is played.

The sacred site action adventure guided meditation trilogy begins with the Spirit of Hawaii to connect with your spirit guide, from there, the journey continues in the second CD, with Egyptian Mystery Temple, leading you into the ancient rituals from the temples of Egypt and the series culminates in the third CD, which is Tibetan Mountain Journey, which focuses on opening and expanding the heart chakra. Each meditation runs for 30 minutes and a one minute sample of each of these meditations can be heard below.


Kala’s Special Bundled Three Pack of Guided Meditations!

Spirit of Hawaii Guided MeditationMeditation_CD_Egypt_Cover-310px-3dMeditation_CD_Tibet_Cover-310px-3dGet all Three of Kala’s Action Adventure Guided Meditations as mp3 downloads

Spirit of Hawaii

Egyptian Mystery Temple

Tibetan Mountain Journey

at the discounted bundled price of $24.99



Meditation_CD_Hawaii_Cover-310px-3dIt’s time to connect with the loving Spirit of Hawaii, the secrets of the islands are meant to be shared…

There are sacred areas which enhance our intuitive abilities and allow us to connect deeper with the Earth and our soul. The islands of Hawaii circulate this loving energy giving birth to new ideas and creativity.

The Spirit of Hawaii meditation is one of a three part series, which includes Spirit of Hawaii, Egyptian Mystery Temple and Tibetan Mountain Journey. The series was created to guide and lift energy from the solar plexus chakra to the heart chakra and to bring forth the Higher Self within each person to share the inner wisdom. Each meditation invites the listener on a relaxing and inspired journey using beautiful natural settings while offering the opportunity to interact with guides and other beings of light throughout each journey.

The soothing voice of Kala Ambrose comforts the soul along the journey. Accompanied by a subdued celestial melody, the body, mind and spirit consciousness experience deep tranquil moments allowing the experience to unfold in an empowering manner.

DailyOM-Hawaii_Review_Kala_Ambrose-May_2011Read the review of Kala’s Spirit of Hawaii CD from DailyOM.


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Spirit of Hawaii
Guided Meditation CD

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Buy Kala’s
Spirit of Hawaii
Guided Meditation
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“Hello Kala! Thank you so much Dear One for the series of 3 guided meditations. They are amazing and I use them a lot. (The Egyptian, Tibetan and Hawaiian) I have searched kindle for more with no luck. I was wondering if you had made more..?? If not..maybe you could consider a Celtic or English inspired one ?? I can not recommend your meditations enough!! Thank you Thank you “- Joanna Martin

“I just love your three CD meditations. I have 100s of CD meditations but yours are by far the best and the only ones I listen to now. They are truely beautiful and the music amazing. I cant recommend them high enough Kala :)”- Felicity Mary

“I love this picture – how gorgeous. You are an amazing guide for meditations and I listen to them weekly.” – JRP

“Kala, I Love your guided meditation CDs- I have all three of them and listen to one or more of them every day. You have an exquisitely beautiful voice and you are by far my favorite guide ~ I love that you create such positive images, your language catches my heart and spirit and resonates so strongly that I feel physically drawn into growth. In general, you are an exquisite gift. Thank you”.

– Deb, Colorado


Meditation_CD_Egypt_Cover-310px-3dThe Egyptian Goddess Hathor awaits your presence in her temple, will you heed her call….

The ancient temples of Egypt guided initiates through a series of rituals connecting each seeker with the energy of the universe. Many who journeyed through these rituals returned with the ability to speak to the gods and goddesses of Egypt.

The Egyptian Mystery Temple meditation is one of a three part series, which includes Spirit of Hawaii, Egyptian Mystery Temple and Tibetan Mountain Journey. The series was created to guide and lift energy from the solar plexus chakra to the heart chakra and to bring forth the Higher Self within each person to share the inner wisdom. Each meditation invites the listener on a relaxing and inspiredjourney using beautiful natural settings while offering the opportunity to interact with guides and other beings of light throughout each journey.

The soothing voice of Kala Ambrose comforts the soul along the journey. Accompanied by lush keyboards creating gentle melodies and blissful moods, the body, mind and spirit consciousness experience a sense of deep calm and mystery allowing the meditative experience to unfold as it should in divine order.

DailyOM-Egyptian_Mystery_Temple_Review-Dec-2010-150pxRead the review of Kala’s Egyptian Mystery Temple CD from DailyOM.


Buy Kala’s
Egyptian Mystery Temple CD
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Buy Kala’s
Egyptian Mystery Temple
as a mp3 audio download






header-cd-tibetanMeditation_CD_Tibet_Cover-310px-3dThe mountains of Tibet are calling to you, Are you ready to take the journey…

Journey through mountains, waterfalls and ice caves in this delightful and adventurous meditation through the Himalayan mountains of Tibet.

The Tibetan Mountain Journey meditation is one of a three part series, which includes Spirit of Hawaii, Egyptian Mystery Temple and Tibetan Mountain Journey.

The series was created to guide and lift energy from the solar plexus chakra to the heart chakra and to bring forth the Higher Self within each person to share the inner wisdom. Each meditation invites the listener on a relaxing and inspired journey using beautiful natural settings while offering the opportunity to interact with guides and other beings of light throughout each journey.

The soothing voice of Kala Ambrose comforts the soul along the journey. Accompanied by an ethereal harmony of flute and keyboard, the body, mind and spirit consciousness experience a sense of harmony with nature while underlying tones of falling water allow the meditative mind to settle deep into the experience.


Buy Kala’s
Tibetan Mountain Journey CD
on Amazon
Buy Kala’s
Tibetan Mountain Journey
as a mp3 audio download




 Kala’s Personal Guided Meditations


KalaAmbrose-227x300Have Kala Custom Design
a Personal Guided Meditation
Just for You!

As a wisdom teacher, intuitive, and oracle, Kala shares her lifetimes of experience and training with her private students and in workshops around the country. She teaches others how to see auras and more importantly, how to interact with the layers of the auric fields to clear the energy in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields of the aura in order to reach their highest and full potential.

Perhaps it’s time to take these meditations to the next level with an intuitive customized guided meditation written, recorded and personally designed by Kala just for YOU!

auta-chakra-lotus-pose-250pxDuring this process, Kala tunes into your aura and energy field and reviews your auric colors, shapes, symbols and other energy imprints found in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields of your auric energy body. She also reviews your past life connections, karmic imprints and your future destiny.

Upon this review, she then creates a custom unique intuitively guided, one of a kind personalized meditation, written just for you. Each step of the meditation is focused on You, including personalized colors to enhance your aura and chakras, a journey to a special sacred space created in the astral planes for you, opportunities to meet with guides from the other side and sacred symbols and sounds crafted into the sacred journey. The entire meditation is designed to lift your energy and connect you to your higher self, while expanding the energy in your aura.

auraprint-201x3001These very personal and unique meditations are 30 minutes long and include inspirational background music and the soothing energy of Kala Ambrose’s voice and energy as she leads you through your personal meditation. The meditation is delivered to you in a downloadable mp3 format, which can be played from your computer and from any mp3 player.

Kala’s clients describe her meditations as uplifting and empowering, gently moving them through the experience into a deeper connected level with their higher selves. Each time the meditation is played, a new experience is revealed as you delve deeper into the journey and connection with your higher self and the spirit realms. Customized meditations with your choice of location and other details can also be included.

Order your Personalized Guided Meditation with Kala.

$499. for the 30 minute customized personal meditation.




Meditation Tips from Kala – Ten Minute Bliss Breaks

meditation-250pxA growing number of physicians and medical centers are suggesting meditation as a holistic practice to relax the body and relieve stress. It’s exciting to see this form of mind, body and spirit healing being given the credence and attention it deserves.

The act of meditation is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give to yourself, yet for many, the concept is daunting. There are those who enter into meditative practices which evolve into an entire lifestyle, but for those who have never tried to meditate, the idea of sitting in an uncomfortable position in complete silence is enough to discourage even the slightest attempt.

This does not have to be the case, as there is a meditation practice suitable for each type of person, regardless of their limitations or challenges. Interested? Here’s a few suggestions to get you started on a meditation practice of your own as well as guided meditations that I have personally created to help you explore on the mind, body and spirit level.

First, If you are looking to adopt a meditation practice, begin by disregarding any preconceived notions of how you think a meditation practice should operate. The key to a successful meditation practice, is to create a practice that feels right for you. One of the easiest ways to do this, is to adopt a simple ten minute meditation which I like to call Ten Minute Bliss Breaks…

Step One: Create a Routine

Kala appEstablish a set time which will become your ten minute meditation time. Perhaps you’ll wake up early in the morning before the rest of your household to have those quiet ten minutes each day, for others, it might be during the lunch hour outside in a park. Many people prefer to meditate in the evening to relax after a busy day and to open their mind to a deeper dream state.

Step Two: Don’t Forget to Breathe

Crucial in any meditation practice, is the breath. Regardless of whether you wish to spend ten minutes in meditation or ten hours, slow, deep, methodical breathing will relax the body and bring in oxygen to both the lungs and blood stream. It will also help to retain focus and awareness.

Step Three: Relax and Give It and You Some Time

When beginning a new meditation practice, you may find that when you take those ten minutes, that it proves to be too difficult to simply relax and think of nothing. Do not feel concerned, this is your practice and you can create a meditation practice which is right for you at this time. You will find that it will evolve over time as you continue the practice and in the beginning, even slow relaxed breathing is good for the body and will relax you. If you’re finding it hard to concentrate on nothing, you may prefer to explore guided meditations.

Powerful Stress Relieving Creative Visualizations

woman-meditatingThere are hundreds of guided meditations available, including ones that focus on specific problems as well as others that simply chant a peaceful message with music. Some days though, you’re so busy that you don’t have enough time for a 30 minute guided meditation, but you still would like to meditate for a few minutes to center yourself and relax.

Here’s how to create your own personal visualization meditation and the only tool needed is your imagination.

The act of creative visualization is to create an image in your mind that affects you in a positive way. Athletes have been taught for years how to creatively visualize an outcome that makes them happy. They close their eyes and see themselves winning the race or the game and imagine the feeling they will have during the event. This same technique can be used for your meditation. A very empowering and relaxing way to do this is to design a sacred space using your imagination. Create a space that becomes your private retreat and sanctuary, where you can return to and visualize often in your mind while meditating.

Here’s How to Create a Sacred Space Using Your Thoughts and Imagination:

clearing-energy-250pxAs you begin to meditate, picture a peaceful scene that you find relaxing. Perhaps it’s the beach or a mountaintop or a lush garden. Build the scene in your mind, adding beautiful details so that it’s a warm and welcoming space for you to visit in your mind during your meditation.

For example, If you find a garden to be calming, create a bench where you will sit in the garden. See a grove of trees surrounded by flowers blooming in a multitude of color. Listen for the sound of birds chirping, along with the soft breeze blowing through the trees. Tilt your head back and feel the warmth of the sun on your face… Breathe in slow and deep and exhale fully, releasing the air from deep within you. In this imaginary garden of your making, slip your shoes off and sink your feet deep into the soft grass, flexing your toes.

As you breathe in again deeply, take notice of the flowers as their scent fills the garden. Relax and spend some time in your garden, noticing the sights, smells and sounds of nature.

Now if you wish, while in your garden, you can let go of whatever is troubling you. You may choose to invite a spirit guide or angel to sit with you on the bench, who will listen to you as you share your thoughts and concerns. You might create a lake around the garden or a waterfall, and as you swim, you release the cares into the water and watch as they float away. Perhaps a pet from your childhood joins you in the garden and you spend time with them, petting and playing with them, forgetting your cares of the day.

Continue building this garden in great detail each day during your ten minute meditation and visualization until you can see it fully in your mind and know it well. Then claim this scene as your sacred space. Know that you can return there anytime, all you need to do is to sit quietly, breathe deeply and imagine this scene in your mind. In this space, you can relax and spend a few minutes there every day.

These suggestions of active ten minute meditations are just a few examples of the ways you can create a mediation practice that is right and comfortable for you. Practiced daily, meditation can become a profound spiritual practice which can make a significant impact on your day and create a sense of relaxation and well-being.


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